Virtual Site Surveys (VSS)

Virtual Site Surveys (VSS)

At Chimney & Canopy Systems we are always looking to move forward with the latest technology, products and techniques available to ensure that the services and solutions we provide achieve the highest standards our customers demand.

Covid-19 has challenged us to look for new ways of carrying out site surveys to enable us to maintain social distancing and continue to provide our clients with the best level of service. Therefore, we have introduced 'Virtual Site Surveys'.

This new way of working also enables us to consider the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to saving the planet through reducing carbon emissions and saving energy costs.

It is also time saving and efficient for the client.

Below is an example of a Virtual Site Survey consisting of video footage, audio and photographs.


Why not try our Virtual Site Survey (VSS)?

Step 1 – Contact our office on 01902 39 39 00 and get connected to an engineer to discuss the project.

Step 2 – Video/photograph the relevant areas, plant room/chimney etc. and send via WhatsApp/Drop box.

Step 3 – Alternatively you can carry out a live Whatsapp/Facetime video call with our engineer.

Step 4 – Send a rough sketch if you wish.

Step 5 – The engineer will review the images/video and contact you as soon as he has reviewed the footage.

Step 6 – We will forward a competitive quotation.

Should we require more information, we would arrange to visit site.


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