Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

The project:

Our first project at Blenheim Palace was to provide a chimney system serving 2 No. steam boilers located adjacent to the Tea Rooms. We initially carried out a CCTV survey to ensure the chimney was suitable for lining and to ascertain which chimney lining system would be most suitable.

We decided a Furanflex chimney liner would be most suitable and the wheels where set in motion to modify the scaffold to enable us to install the liner complete with base tee and drain. Within the plant room a twin wall stainless steel flue system connected from each appliance into a common header and connected to the base tee.

Our second visit brought us to the underground main plant room beneath the main hall. This plant room refurbishment incorporated cascade condensing boilers connecting to our Universal Header System incorporating drain lengths connecting to a common flue header. Once again following our CCTV survey we recommended a Furanflex chimney liner which all got installed without delay.

Our third project at Blenheim Palace was to CCTV survey the fireplaces to ascertain their condition. In total 5 chimney where surveyed and a written report forward to the Palace directly.

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